• Samir

    Samir (variantly spelled Sameer) is a male name found commonly in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. In Arabic, Samir (سمير) means jovial, loyal or charming companion. In Indian languages it is derived from the Sanskrit word Samir (समीर) meaning gust of wind or gentle breeze. Samira is the feminine spelling, also found in both languages.

  • Samir Aït Saïd

    Samir Aït Saïd (born 1 November 1989) is a French male artistic gymnast and a member of the national team. He scored a career total of three medals, one in each color, in the rings apparatus at the European Championships (2013 to 2015), and was also selected to compete for the French men's artistic gymnastics squad at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Samir Arora

    Samir Arora

    The reason it is hard to reply that question definitively is that the arguments that the Securities and Exchange Board have set out in its order banning Arora -- the former star Asia-Pacific fund manager of Alliance Capital Management -- from trading in August are far from convincing.

  • Samir Nouioua

    Samir Nouioua (born 10 July 1985) is a Paralympian athlete from Algeria competing mainly in category T46 middle distance events.

  • Samir Martula

    Samir Martula

    Samir Martula is an American football player from Cypress, Texas who plays as an offensive tackle. He committed to play for the Houston Baptist Huskies football team.

  • Day After Day (Elnur Huseynov and Samir Javadzadeh song)

  • Samir Boitard

    Samir Boitard

    Samir Boitard is a French actor.

  • Samir Modi

    Samir Modi (born 15 December 1969) is an Indian businessman, and the younger son of K.K. Modi and his wife Bina Modi. He is an executive director at Modi Enterprises, which was founded by his grandfather, Gujarmal Modi, in 1933. He is also an executive director of Godfrey Phillips India and a director of Indofil Industries Ltd. He has been instrumental in launching various new initiatives for the Modi Group, including Modicare, Colorbar Cosmetics and Twenty Four Seven Retail Stores.

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