• Sally Eaton

    Sally Eaton is a Wiccan high priestess, liturgist, singer and actress, whose credits include creating and playing the role of Jeannie in the stage production of the hit Broadway musical Hair , and, as a member of Doric Wilson's professional theater company TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), acting in the Doric Wilson plays Now She Dances! and Street Theater.

  • Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre

    Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is home to Ryerson University's Studies for Community Health.

  • Sally McNeil

    Sally McNeil (born 1960) — aka Killer McNeil — is a former professional American bodybuilder who, on March 19, 1996, was convicted of second degree murder in the 1995 Valentine's Day shooting death of her husband and fellow bodybuilder, Ray McNeil. Sally McNeil was sentenced 19 years to life for her conviction.

  • Sally Conway

    Sally Conway (born 1 February 1987) is a Scottish judoka who competed for Team GB in the 2012 and the 2016 Rio Olympics in the women's 70 kg judo event. Conway won a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics. She competed for Scotland at women's 70 kg judo event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, where she won a bronze medal.

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