• Roy Schuiten

    Roy Schuiten (16 December 1950 – 19 September 2006) was a Dutch track and road racing cyclist

  • American Broadcasting Company

    Studios and adjacent to the Roy E. Disney Animation Building. The network's secondary offices

  • Port Vale F.C.

    was opened in 1950. Outside the ground is a statue to Roy Sproson, who played 842 competitive games for t

  • Virgin Records

    , with the success of platinum performers such as Aaliyah, George Michael, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Roy

  • Republic Pictures

    of John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. It was also responsible for the financing and distribution

  • Kirkintilloch Rob Roy F.C.

    Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Football Club are a Scottish football club based in the town of Kirkintilloch

  • S. Roy Luby

    S. Roy Luby born Solomon Roy Luby on 8 August 1904, New York City died 19 August 1976 in Los

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios

    on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney, it is one of the oldest-running animation

  • Autobiography

    in the nineteenth century, first-person autobiographical writing originates in antiquity. Roy Pascal

  • J. Roy Hunt

    J. Roy Hunt (July 7, 1884 Caperton, West Virginia – October 1972 Sheffield, Alabama) born John Roy

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