• Roy Chapman

    Roy Clifford Chapman (18 March 1934 – 21 March 1983) was an English professional footballer and manager, born in Birmingham. He was the father of former Arsenal and Leeds United striker Lee Chapman.

  • Roy Chapman (football manager)

  • Roy Chapman Andrews

    Roy Chapman Andrews

    Roy Chapman Andrews (January 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960) was an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist who became the director of the American Museum of Natural History. He is primarily known for leading a series of expeditions through the politically disturbed China of the early 20th century into the Gobi Desert and Mongolia. The expeditions made important discoveries and brought the first-known fossil dinosaur eggs to the museum. His popular writings about his adventures made him famous.

  • Roy Chipman

    Leroy P. Chipman (c. 1939 – August 10, 1997) was an American basketball coach.

  • Roy Charman

    Roy Charman (31 May 1930 – 4 October 1990) was an English sound engineer. He won an Academy Award for Best Sound and was nominated for three more in the same category.

  • Roy

    Roy is a masculine given name and a family surname with varied origin. In Anglo-Norman England, the name derived from the Norman roy, meaning "king", while its Old French cognate, rey or roy (modern roi), likewise gave rise to Roy as a variant in the Francophone world. In India, Roy is a variant of the surname Rai , likewise meaning "king". It also arose independently in Scotland, an anglicisation from the Scottish Gaelic nickname ruadh, meaning "red".

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