• Robin Harris

    Robin Harris

    Robin Hughes Harris (August 30, 1953 – March 18, 1990) was an American comedian and actor, known for his recurring comic sketch about Bébé's Kids .

  • Robin Harris (author)

    Robin Harris (born 22 June 1952) is a British author and journalist. He has written for The Daily Telegraph and Prospect . He attained his undergraduate degree and doctorate in modern history from Exeter College, Oxford University.

  • Robin Harrison

    Alick Robin Walsham Harrison CBE (15 November 1900 – 18 May 1969) was an English academic, Warden of Merton College, Oxford from 1963 until his death in 1969.

  • Robin Harrison (pianist)

    Robin Keith Harrison (July 28, 1932 – May 19, 2013) was a British-born Canadian musician. Known as a composer and pianist, he served for over 20 years as head of the piano division at the University of Saskatchewan. He recorded several classical music albums, including three solo albums, and was a repeat guest performer with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

  • Robin Parrish

    Robin Parrish

    Michael Robin Parrish (born October 13, 1975) is an American author and journalist. His various credits in the field of journalism, include senior editing positions for Christian Music related websites About Christian Music, CMCentral.com, and writing credits among the likes of Christian Musician Magazine, CCM Magazine, and others. In January 2004, Parrish created the website Infuze Magazine, which claimed to be a unique mixture of the concepts Art and Faith. In 2008, he co-created PopCultureGeek.com, a website devoted to fandom and all the things pop culture fans are most passionate about.

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