• Robert de La Rochefoucauld

    Comte Robert Jean Marie de La Rochefoucauld (16 September 1923 – 8 May 2012) was a member of the French Resistance and Special Operations Executive during World War II, as well as the mayor of Ouzouer-sur-Trézée – a canal town in the Loire Valley – from 1966-96.

  • Robert de Juilly

    Robert de Juilly

    Robert de Juilly or Robert de Juliac (died 27 July 1377) was the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller from 1374 to his death. He was succeeded by the famous Juan Fernández de Heredia.

  • Sir Robert de Cornwall

    Sir Robert de Cornwall (1700 – 4 April 1756) was a British member of parliament.

  • Robert de Schepper

    Robert de Schepper (born 27 July 1885, date of death unknown) was a Belgian Olympic fencer. He competed in the individual and team foil events at the 1920 Summer Olympics.

  • Robert de Scales, 6th Baron Scales

    Robert de Scales, 6th Baron Scales

    Robert de Scales (c. 1395–1418) died unmarried, and at an early age, and was succeeded by his brother Thomas. On 8 May 1410 an order to seize Robert and deliver him to the Treasurer of England was issued.

  • Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand

    Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand

    Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand (c. 1283 – 1328) was an English nobleman, born in Lancashire.

  • Robert de Reins La Chievre

    Robert de Reins (Rains, Reims) La Chievre was a trouvère from the Île de France, probably active in the thirteenth century. He is among those few trouvères, like Richart de Fournival, who are associated with the early development of the motet.

  • Robert de Bonnières

    Robert de Wierre de Bonnières (7 April 1850 in Paris – 7 April 1905) was a French poet, novelist, travel writer, journalist at Le Figaro and Le Gaulois, and literary critic. He was well acquainted with all literary figures of the period - Guy de Maupassant dedicated his novela La Folle to Bonnières in 1882. He collaborated with several composers, notably Vincent d'Indy who set several of his poems and provided the libretto for Indy's opéra comique Attendez-moi de, based on his own story Saugefleurie of 1885.

  • Robert de la Piere

    Robert de la Piere (died 1258) was a trouvère of the so-called "school" of Arras. In his time Robert's bourgeois family was prominent in Arras, though the earliest known member is only recorded in 1212. Robert served as a magistrate in 1255, as attested by one surviving document in the municipal archives. There is also a surviving notice of his death in the spring of 1258, at Arras.

  • Robert de Pontigny

    Robert de Pontigny

    Robert de Pontigny, O.Cist. (born in France, date unknown; died at Parma, 9 October 1305) was a French monk, abbot and Roman Catholic Cardinal.

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