• Robert Helps

    Robert Eugene Helps (b. Passaic, New Jersey, United States, September 23, 1928; d. Tampa, Florida, United States, November 24, 2001) was an American pianist and composer.

  • Robert Phelps

    Robert Phelps

    Robert Ralph Phelps (March 22, 1926 – January 4, 2013) was an American mathematician who was known for his contributions to analysis, particularly to functional analysis and measure theory. He was a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington from 1962 until his death.

  • Robert Phelps (pentathlete)

    Robert Phelps (born 22 July 1939) is a British modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Summer Olympics.

  • Robert Phelps (wrestler)

    Robert Phelps (born 21 July 1890, date of death unknown) was a British wrestler. He competed in the lightweight event at the 1912 Summer Olympics.

  • Robert Phelps (Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge)

  • Robert Phelps (academic)

    Robert Phelps (1808 – 11 January 1890) served as Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge from 1843 until his death.

  • Robert Phelps (disambiguation)

    Robert Phelps (1926–2013) was an American mathematician

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