• Robert A. Rushworth

    Robert A. Rushworth

    Robert Aitken "Bob" Rushworth (October 9, 1924 – March 18, 1993) was an American United States Air Force major general, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War pilot, mechanical and aeronautical engineer, and test pilot. He was one of twelve pilots who flew the North American X-15, an experimental spaceplane jointly operated by the Air Force and NASA. He flew 34 of the program's 199 flights, more than any other pilot.

  • Robert Abramovič

    Robert Abramovič (born 15 September 1988) is a Slovenian professional basketball player.

  • Ash, Robert

  • Robert Allen Hale

    Robert Allan Hale (April 7, 1941 – May 26, 2008) — known as Bobby Hale, as well as Papa Pilgrim and Sunstar — was an American criminal who mentally, physically, and sexually abused his wife and 15 children in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Robert and Bertram (1928 film)

    Robert and Bertram (1928 film)

    Robert and Bertram (German: Robert und Bertram) is a 1928 German silent comedy film directed by Rudolf Walther-Fein and starring Harry Liedtke, Fritz Kampers and Elizza La Porta. It is based on the 1856 Gustav Räder play Robert and Bertram about the adventures of two wandering vagrants.

  • Robert and Bertram (play)

    Robert and Bertram (German: Robert und Bertram) is a comedy play by the German writer Gustav Räder, which was first staged in 1856. It depicts the adventures of two wandering vagrants. It premiered in Dresden on 6 February 1856. It served as the basis for a variety of different stage versions, loosely modelled on it. It was later turned into an 1888 opera Robert and Bertram.

  • Robert Allen (general)

    Robert Allen (general)

    Robert Allen (March 15, 1811 – August 5, 1886) was a career officer in the United States Army, serving as a brigadier general during the American Civil War.

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