• John Richard

    John D. Richard OC QC (born July 30, 1934) was the Chief Justice of Canada's Federal Court of Appeal and in 2013, was listed as a NAFTA adjudicator.

  • Richard John

    Richard John may refer to:

  • John, Richard

  • John Richard Sheaffer

    John Richard "Jack" Sheaffer, Ph.D. is an American innovator and the creator of an environmentally sensitive reclamation and reuse waste water system, co-author of the Clean Water Act while serving as the Scientific Advisor to the Secretary of the Army, was instrumental in the design of the national flood insurance program, and the author or co-author of 10 books and more than 50 technical articles on wastewater management, irrigation, floodproofing, and fresh-water resources.

  • John Richard Lobo

    John Richard Lobo, popularly known as J. R. Lobo, is an Indian politician and former MLA of Mangalore South constituency in Karnataka, India. MLA J.R Lobo proposed the installation of musical fountain with laser show at Kadri Park, which is the largest lung space in the city. J.R Lobo also proposed the construction of the 3D 8K Planetarium at Pilikula in Mangalore, which was inaugurated in March 2018.

  • John Richard Parker

    John T. Parker (1830–1915) was the brother of Cynthia Ann Parker and the uncle of Comanche chief Quanah Parker. An Anglo-Texas man of Scots-Irish descent who was kidnapped from his natural family at the age of five by a Native American raiding party, he returned to the Native American people of his own free will after being ransomed back from the Comanche. He was a member of the large Parker frontier family that settled in east Texas in the 1830s. He was captured in 1836 by Comanches during the raid of Fort Parker near present-day Groesbeck, Texas.

  • John Richard Barret

    John Richard Barret (August 21, 1825 – November 2, 1903) was a U.S. Representative from Missouri.

  • Richard John Grecco

    Richard John Grecco

    Richard John Grecco (born 4 March 1946) is a Canadian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the 13th and current Bishop of Charlottetown.

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