• René Clement

  • René Clément

    René Clément

    René Clément (French: [klemɑ̃]; 18 March 1913 – 17 March 1996) was a French film director and screenwriter.

  • Lycee francais Rene Cassin d'Oslo

  • Gloria (Leon Rene song)

  • Angelito (Rene y Rene song)

  • René Thom

    René Thom

    René Frédéric Thom (French: [ʁəne tɔm]; 2 September 1923 – 25 October 2002) was a French mathematician. He made his reputation as a topologist, moving on to aspects of what would be called singularity theory; he became world-famous among the wider academic community and the educated general public for one aspect of this latter interest, his work as founder of catastrophe theory (later developed by Erik Christopher Zeeman ). He received the Fields Medal in 1958.

  • René Magritte

    René Magritte

    René François Ghislain Magritte (French: [ʁəne fʁɑ̃swa ɡilɛ̃ maɡʁit]; 21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian Surrealist artist. He became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. Often depicting ordinary objects in an unusual context, his work is known for challenging observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. His imagery has influenced pop art, minimalist art and conceptual art.

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