• Renato Zanelli

    Renato Zanelli

    Renato Zanelli (April 1, 1892 – March 25, 1935) was an Italian-Chilean operatic baritone and later tenor, particularly associated with heroic Italian and German roles, notably Verdi's Otello.

  • Renato

    Renatus is a first name of Latin origin which means "born again " (natus = born). In countries of Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages it exists in a masculine and feminine form i.e., Renato and Renata. In the French language they have been translated to René and Renée. The feminine form Renate is also common in Norwegian, Dutch and German language -speaking countries. Renata is a common female name in Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania and Slovakia. In Russia the names Renat (Russian: Ренат) (usually as Rinat) and Renata (Russian: Рената) are widespread among the Tatar population. In some Spanish speaking countries, the name has taken on a different meaning: as a contraction for Rey (king) and Nato (birth), it has come to mean "born a king".

  • Renato López

    Renato López Uhthoff was a Mexican television host, actor and musician.

  • Renato Reyes

    Renato Reyes (21 September 1944 – 1997) was a Filipino basketball player who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics.

  • Renato Sanches

    Renato Sanches

    Renato Júnior Luz Sanches ComM (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁɨˈnatu ˈsɐ̃ʃɨʒ ]; born 18 August 1997) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for French club Lille and the Portugal national team.

  • Renato Corona

    Renato Corona

    Renato Antonio Coronado Corona (October 15, 1948 – April 29, 2016) was the 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He served as an Associate Justice after being appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on April 9, 2002, and later as Chief Justice on May 12, 2010, upon the retirement of Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

  • Renato Diaz

    Renato V. Diaz (born December 18, 1945), is a Filipino businessman, economist and a former congressman who represented the 1st District of Nueva Ecija from 1992 -1998. He is the Chairman and President of RVDIAZ Consultancy & Management Corporation, a consultancy firm specializing in facilitating foreign investments in the Philippines.

  • Renato Tapia

    Renato Tapia

    Renato Fabrizio Tapia Cortijo (born 28 July 1995) is a Peruvian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Feyenoord and the Peru national team. In addition to playing as a midfielder, Tapia also plays as a defender in the centre and right-back roles.

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