• René de Birague

    René de Birague

    René de Birague (original name: Renato Birago; 2 February 1506 – 24 November 1583) was an Italian patrician who became a French cardinal and chancellor.

  • René de Possel

    René de Possel

    Lucien Alexandre Charles René de Possel (7 February 1905 – 1974) was a French mathematician, one of the founders of the Bourbaki group, and later a pioneer computer scientist, working in particular on optical character recognition.

  • René de Knyff

    René de Knyff

    Chevalier René de Knyff (December 10, 1865 in Antwerp, Belgium – 1954 in France) was a French pioneer of car racing and later a president of Commission Sportive Internationale (CSI), now known as FIA.

  • René de Thorigny

    René François Élisabeth Tiburce de Thorigny (19 July 1798 – 22 January 1869) was a French lawyer and politician who was appointed Minister of the Interior in the last cabinet of the French Second Republic.

  • René de Saint-Marceaux

    René de Saint-Marceaux

    Charles René de Paul de Saint-Marceaux (23 September 1845 – 23 April 1915) was a French sculptor.

  • René de Nebesky-Wojkowitz

    René de Nebesky-Wojkowitz (29 June 1923 – 9 July 1959) was a Czech ethnologist and Tibetologist. He is mostly known for his 1956 publication Oracles and Demons of Tibet, which was the first detailed study of Tibetan deity cults.

  • Charles Armand Rene de La Tremoille

  • René de Segonzac

    Marquis Édouard Marie René Bardon de Segonzac (7 September 1867 – 1962) was a French army officer and explorer. He studied at the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr before being commissioned and serving in the Ivory Coast where he was accused and acquitted of the murder of a fellow officer. He became renowned as an explorer and adventurer in Morocco and was also posted to Tunisia. In the First World War he became a pilot and received the Legion of Honour and the Croix de Guerre.

  • René de Lespinasse

    René de Lespinasse (13 October 1843, in Bourges – 16 February 1922, in Nevers ) was a French historian and politician.

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