• Reinhold Glière

    Reinhold Glière

    Reinhold Moritzevich Glière (Russian: Рейнгольд Морицевич Глиэр, Ukrainian: Ре́йнгольд Мо́ріцевич Гліер / Reingol'd Moritsevich Glier; born Reinhold Ernest Glier, which was later converted for standardization purposes; 11 January 1875 O.S. 30 December 1874] – 23 June 1956), was a composer in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union, of German and Polish descent.

  • Reinhold Moritzovich Glière

  • Reinhold

    Reinhold is a German, Scandinavian surname and male given name. This Germanic name is composed of two elements: the first is from ragin, meaning "counsel", "power" and wald meaning "ruler". The second element having been reinterpreted as hold meaning "dear", "beloved" in the 16th century.

  • Reinhold von Warlich

    Reinhold von Warlich (May 24, 1877 - November 10, 1939) was a musician.

  • Reinhold Weege

    Reinhold Weege (December 23, 1949 – December 1, 2012) was an American television writer, producer and director. He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

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