• Ray Buktenica

    Ray Buktenica /bʌkˈtɛniːˈkɑː/ (born August 6, 1943) is an American film and television character actor. He has played numerous roles, primarily on television since 1972. He is best known for playing the character Benny Goodwin, the boyfriend and later fiancé of Brenda Morgenstern on the hit 1970s sitcom Rhoda , Dr. Solomon on House Calls and Jerry Berkson, Patti Lupone's boss on Life Goes On . He provided the voice of Hugo Strange in the character's sole appearance on Batman: The Animated Series . In 1996 he guest starred on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Leo Nunk, a newspaper reporter. In 1997 he guest starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , in the episode "By Inferno's Light ", as Deyos, the Vorta in command of the Dominion's Internment Camp 371.

  • Ra'y

  • Ra'y

  • Semaj Ray

    Semaj Ray

    Semaj Ray (raised in Mission, KS) is an American student and basketball player.

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