• Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden

    Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden

    Ulrika Eleonora or Ulrica Eleanor (23 January 1688 – 24 November 1741), also known as Ulrika Eleonora the Younger, reigned as Queen of Sweden from 5 December 1718 until her abdication on 29 February 1720 in favour of her husband Frederick I of Sweden, which made her Queen consort of Sweden until her death.

  • Princess Eugenie of Sweden and Norway

    Princess Eugenie of Sweden and Norway

    Princess Eugénie of Sweden and Norway (Charlotta Eugenia Augusta Amalia Albertina; 24 April 1830 – 23 April 1889) was a member of the royal House of Bernadotte and a philanthropist and amateur artist.

  • Urban districts of Sweden

    Municipalities in Sweden are in some rare cases divided into smaller districts (sometimes translated boroughs) or urban districts, and are sometimes assigned administrative boards responsible for certain areas of governance in their respective areas. These districts are not specified by national Swedish law, but rather are created by individual municipalities, and thus the Swedish names of these districts vary greatly from municipality to municipality, including kommundelar, stadsdelar, stadsdelområden, primärområden, or stadsdelsnämndsområden. The degree of administrative autonomy of these districts similarly varies greatly, but is normally very limited.

  • Curators of Sweden

    Curators of Sweden is a social media campaign initiated by the government agency Swedish Institute and VisitSweden on Twitter. It launched December 10, 2011 with the main concept of a rotating spokesperson, or rather a curator, on the official Twitter account of Sweden, @sweden.

  • Communist Party of Sweden (1995)

    Communist Party of Sweden (1995)

    The Communist Party of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti) is the continuation of Workers' Party – The Communists (Swedish: Arbetarpartiet Kommunisterna, APK).

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