• Pyotr Ivanovich Poletika

    Pyotr Ivanovich Poletika (Russian: Пётр Иванович Полетика; 15 August 1778 – 26 January 1849) was the second Russian ambassador to the United States.

  • Pyotr Ivanovich Isakov

    Pyotr Ivanovich Isakov (Russian: Петр Иванович Исаков; 1886–1958) was a Russian classical guitarist known for his arrangements and performances, as well as for his teaching activities. Born in Alsou, Crimea, Isakov started playing the seven-string guitar at the age of nine, and later learnt to play the standard six-string guitar. He moved to Saint Petersburg in 1910 in order to complete his musical studies. In 1913 he was invited to perform for the Emperor Nicholas II, and spent his later career working as a guitarist at the Mariinsky Theatre. As a guitarist he received influences from Andrés Segovia and Francisco Tárrega. He composed more than a thousand original pieces and transcribed eight collections of pieces, amongst which there were several by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven (such as the famous Moonlight Sonata ).

  • Pyotr Ivanovich Sholokhov

    Pyotr Ivanovich Sholokhov (Russian: Пётр Иванович Шолохов) was a Russian realist artist, who was a member of the Union of Russian Artists as well as the Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists. He was also a professor of Fine Arts, a graduate of Vkhutemas, and an apprentice of Russian realist artist Abram Arkhipov. Today many of his works are held in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. A museum under his name was opened in Borisoglebsk in the Voronezh Oblast. He is also the author of «From the Viewpoint of an Artist: Countrymen, Colleagues, and the Second World War» (М.2009).

  • Pyotr Ivanovich, Knyaz Bagration

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