• Liu Wu, Prince of Liang

    Liu Wu, Prince of Liang

    Liu Wu (刘武)(c. 184–144 BC), posthumously named Prince Xiao of Liang, was a Han prince. He was a son of Emperor Wen and Empress Xiaowen, and a younger brother of Emperor Jing. He played a prominent role in the suppression of the Rebellion of the Seven Princes. He was also responsible for the assassination of the minister Yuan Ang.

  • Liu Wu, Prince of Chu

    Liu Wu (simplified Chinese: 刘戊; traditional Chinese: 劉戊; pinyin: Liǘ Wù, died 154 BC) was the son of Liu Yingke, Prince Yi of Chu. After the short reign of his father, he inherited the title Prince of Chu in 174 BC. In 155 BC, Empress Dowager Bo died. Liu Wu was caught drinking during the grieving period, so Emperor Jing of Han reduced the size of his land. Wu was later convinced to join the Rebellion of the Seven States by Liu Pi despite objections from his prime minister and tutor. Liu Wu put both of them to death.

  • Liu Pi, Prince of Wu

    Liu Pi (simplified Chinese: 刘濞; traditional Chinese: 劉濞; pinyin: Liú Pì; 216–154 BC) was a nephew of Emperor Gao of Han, son of Liu Xi, Prince of Dai, and appointed Prince of Wu by Emperor Gao. During the reign of Emperor Jing, he initiated the Rebellion of the Seven States to resist the Emperor's centralizing policies, during which he was defeated and killed.

  • Prince Liu Wu of Liang

  • Liu Yu, Prince of Lu

    Liu Yu (simplified Chinese: 刘馀; traditional Chinese: 劉餘; pinyin: Líu Yú; died 128 BC) was a prince of the Western Han Dynasty. He was the fifth son of Emperor Jing. His mother was Consort Cheng (程妃). In 155 BC he was instated as Prince of Huaiyang (淮陽王), but a year later his title was later changed to Prince of Lu (魯王).

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