• Porfirio Barba-Jacob

    Miguel Ángel Osorio Benítez (July 29, 1883 – January 14, 1942), better known by his pseudonym, Porfirio Barba-Jacob, was a Colombian poet and writer.

  • Porfirio

    Porfirio is a given name in Spanish, derived from the Greek Porphyry (porphyrios "purple-clad"). It can refer to:

  • Porfirio Díaz

    Porfirio Díaz

    José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori ( Spanish pronunciation: [porˈfiɾjo ði.as] ; 15 September 1830 – 2 July 1915) was a Mexican general and politician who served seven terms as President of Mexico, a total of three and a half decades from 1876 to 1880 and from 1884 to 1911. A veteran of the War of the Reform (1858–60) and the French intervention in Mexico (1862–67), Díaz rose to the rank of General, leading republican troops against the French-imposed rule of Emperor Maximilian. Seizing power in a coup in 1876, Díaz and his allies, a group of technocrats known as " Científicos ", ruled Mexico for the next thirty-five years, a period known as the Porfiriato.

  • Porfirio Becerril

    Porfirio Becerril (born 31 July 1955) is a Mexican former diver who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics and in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

  • Porfirio Smerdou

    Porfirio Smerdou (February 12, 1905 – May 11, 2002) was a Mexican consul.

  • Porfirio Armando Betancourt

    Porfirio Armando Betancourt

    Porfirio Armando Betancourt Cortez, born 10 October 1957 in Lima, Honduras, is a retired Honduran football player.

  • Porfirio (film)

    Porfirio (film)

    Porfirio is a 2011 Colombian drama film directed by Alejandro Landes. The film premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and subsequently screened at other festivals including Toronto and Maryland.

  • Porfirio Muñoz Ledo

    Porfirio Muñoz Ledo

    Porfirio Alejandro Muñoz Ledo y Lazo de la Vega (born July 23, 1933 in Mexico City) is a Mexican politician. He is one of the founders of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

  • Porfirio Remigio

    Porfirio Remigio (born 15 September 1939) is a former Mexican cyclist. He competed in the team time trial at the 1964 Summer Olympics.

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