• Pope Gregory IV

    Pope Gregory IV

    Pope Gregory IV (Latin: Gregorius IV; died 25 January 844) was Bishop of Rome and ruler of the Papal States from October 827 to his death in 844. His pontificate was notable for the papacy’s attempts to intervene in the quarrels between the emperor Louis the Pious and his sons. It also saw the breakup of the Carolingian Empire in 843.

  • Pope Gregory

    Gregory has been the name of sixteen Roman Catholic Popes and two Antipopes. The Latin name is Gregorius.

  • Gregory IV

    Gregory IV can refer to:

  • Pope Gregory I and Judaism

    Pope Gregory I (c.540-604), also known as Gregory the Great, was influential in the formation of Catholic doctrine in relation to the Jews. He was responsible for a notable Papal Bull which spoke of a requirement for Christians to protect and defend the Jewish people, which became official doctrine. He publicly disapproved of the compulsory baptism of Jews, and insisted on their right to liberty of action, both in civil affairs and in their worship.

  • Gregory IV (disambiguation)

  • Edward Meeks "Pope" Gregory

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