• Piyal Wijetunge

    Piyal Kashyapa Wijetunge (born August 6, 1971, Badulla) is a former Sri Lankan cricketer who played in one Test in 1993. Though he was not successful in the international arena, he was an active member in the domestic arena, where he played 65 first class matches and took 161 wickets as well.

  • Piyal Abeysekera

    Major General Piyal Abeysekera (also known as E P De Z Abeysekera) USP, MSc was the former Deputy Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Army.

  • Piyaz


    Piyaz (Turkish: piyaz, Persian:پیاز for "onion") is a kind of Turkish salad or meze that is made from any kind of dry beans with onion, parsley and sumac. In Antalya province of Turkey it is prepared differently from other regions with other ingredients like sesame oil. In Antalya, piyaz is not considered a salad but a main dish. In southern provinces like Adana, the word piyaz is used to refer to an onion and sumac salad. During the Ottoman period, piyaz was also made from artichoke, pea, chickpea, broad bean and potato, which were introduced to Turkey in the last quarter of the 19th century.

  • Piyāla

    A piyāla (Persian: پیاله‎, Kurdish: پیاڵە‎, Urdu: پیال‎), also called piola, piyola (Uzbek: piyola, IPA: [pɨjɒlá ]), piala (Russian: пиа́ла [pʲɪˈalə ] or пиала́ [pʲɪɐˈla ]) or chini (Kyrgyz: чыны, Kazakh: шыны, from China) is a small ceramic bowl used throughout Central Asia for drinking tea. It is similar to the East Asian chawan. Piyālas may be used for other beverages too, such as kymyz, though traditionally a full-size bowl (called kese) is used for cold and hot beverages.

  • Piyale Paşa, Güzelyurt

  • Piyali River

    Piyali River is a tidal estuarine river in and around the Sundarbans in South 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal.

  • Piyalepasa Istanbul

    Piyalepasa Istanbul

  • Piyale Pasha (disambiguation)

    Piyale Pasha (c. 1515-1578) was an Ottoman admiral

  • Piyalepaşa, Beyoğlu

    Piyalepaşa, Beyoğlu

    Piyalepaşa, is one of the 45 quarters in Beyoğlu district located on the European Side of Istanbul. The bordering quarters are Kaptanpaşa to the south, Fetihtepe to the west, Mahmutşevketpaşa, which remains in the district of Şişli, to the east, and Mehmet Akif Ersoy, which remains in the district of Kağıthane, to the north. After Piyalepaşa was declared as a "risk area", the urban transformation project was initiated in the neighborhood.

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