• Piet Kruiver

    Piet Kruiver

    Piet Kruiver (5 January 1938 – 18 March 1989) was a Dutch footballer who was active as a striker. Kruiver made his professional debut at PSV Eindhoven and also played for Lanerossi Vicenza, Feyenoord and DWS.

  • Pietroasa

    Pietroasa may refer to several places in Romania:

  • Pieterse

    Pieterse is a Dutch and Afrikaans patronymic surname. The surname was first used in Netherlands before the colonial era. After the Dutch established a colony in the Cape of Good Hope, people with the surname Pieterse moved to the colony and as a consequence, Pieterse is a common Afrikaans surname.

  • Groapa Pietroasa River (Aita)

  • Groapa Pietroasa River (Marcusa)

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