• Pier Francesco Guala

    Pier Francesco Guala (15 September 1698 – 27 February 1757), also known as Pierfrancesco and Pietro Francesco, was an eighteenth-century Italian painter active for the most part in the region of his place of birth, Casale Monferrato.

  • Pier Francesco Pingitore

    Pier Francesco Pingitore (born 27 September 1934) is an Italian director, screenwriter, playwright and author.

  • Pier Francesco Tosi

    Pier Francesco Tosi

    Pier Francesco Tosi (c. 1653 – 1732) was a castrato singer, composer, and writer on music. His Opinoni de' cantori antichi e moderni... was the first full-length treatise on singing and provides a unique glimpse into the technical and social aspects of Baroque vocal music.

  • Pier Francesco Sacchi

    Pier-Francesco Sacchi (known active 1512–1520) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period.

  • Pier Francesco Fiorentino

    Pier Francesco Fiorentino (Florence, 1444/1445 – after 1497), was a 15th-century painter, active in San Gimignano for much of his mature life, depicting religious-themed subjects.

  • Pier Francesco Foschi

    Pier Francesco Foschi

    Pier Francesco Foschi (1502–1567) was an Italian painter active in Florence in a Mannerist style. He was pupil of Andrea del Sarto and assisted Pontormo with his frescoes at Careggi in 1536. He completed 3 altarpieces, commissioned in 1540–1545 for the church of Santo Spirito in Florence: an Immaculate Conception, Resurrection, and a Transfiguration. Foschi was also influenced by Il Bronzino. One of his pupils was Alessandro Fei.

  • Pier Francesco Valentini

    Pier Francesco Valentini (c.1570-1654) was an Italian nobleman, amateur composer and music theorist. He studied with G. B. Nanino. His tour de force on the art of the contrapuntal canon was Canone nel modo Salomonis (1631) a 96-voice contrapuntal exercise which could be expanded to a symbolically significant 144,000 voices, singing at different speeds and in different metres. He also published more conventional madrigal and motet collections.

  • Pier Francesco Ferrero

    Pier Francesco Ferrero

    Pier Francesco Ferrero (1510–1566) was an Italian Roman Catholic abbot, bishop and cardinal.

  • Pier Francesco Cavazza

    Pier Francesco Cavazza (1675 – 14 October 1755) was an Italian painter and art collector, active in his native Bologna.

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