• Phillip V. Tobias

    Phillip V. Tobias

    Phillip Vallentine Tobias FRS (14 October 1925 – 7 June 2012) was a South African palaeoanthropologist and Professor Emeritus at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He was best known for his work at South Africa's hominid fossil sites. He was also an activist for the eradication of apartheid and gave numerous anti-apartheid speeches at protest rallies and also to academic audiences.

  • Phillip Salvador

    Philip Mikael "Ipe" Reyes Salvador (born Felipe Reyes Salvador on August 22, 1953) is a three-time FAMAS award-winning Filipino film and television actor.

  • Phillip Cocu

    Phillip Cocu

    Phillip John-William Cocu ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfilɪp ˈdʒɔn ˈʋɪlijɑm koːˈky] ; born 29 October 1970) is a Dutch professional football manager and former player, currently coaching PSV.

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