• Pehr

    Pehr may refer to:

  • Pehr Hillestrom

  • Pehr Victor Edman

    Pehr Victor Edman

    Pehr Victor Edman (April 14, 1916 — March 19, 1977) was a Swedish biochemist. He developed a method for sequencing proteins; the Edman degradation.

  • Pehr Adlerfelt

    Baron Pehr Adlerfelt (1680–1743) was brother of Gustaf Adlerfelt. In 1712 he was made colonel in the Swedish army and in 1720 was made a baron and in 1739 a member of the Riksrad (Council of the Kingdom).

  • Pehr Magnebrant

    Pehr Magnebrant (born 30 September 1970) is a Swedish professional golfer.

  • Pehr Horberg

  • Pehr Forsskål

  • Pehr J. Jacobson House

    The Pehr J. Jacobson House is a historic log house at 452 New Sweden Road (Maine State Route 161) in New Sweden, Maine. It was built c. 1870 by one of the first Swedish immigrants drawn to the area as part of a state program. It is one of a small number of surviving log houses in the state built by Swedish immigrants, and reflects their distinctive construction style. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

  • Pehr Ferdinand Holm

    Pehr Ferdinand Holm (3 April 1844–30 March 1917) was a New Zealand mariner and ship owner . He was born in Arboga, Sweden on 3 April 1844.

  • Pehr Evind Svinhufvud's second cabinet

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