• Paul De Keyser

    Paul De Keyser (born 7 February 1957) is a former Belgian racing cyclist. He rode in the 1980 Tour de France.

  • De Keyser, Paul

  • Pierre Paul de Meredieu, baron de Naillac

  • Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve

    Paul de Chomedey, Sieur de Maisonneuve

    Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve (February 15, 1612 – September 9, 1676) was a French military officer and the founder of Montreal in New France.

  • Joaquín Ayuso de Pául

    Joaquín Ayuso de Paúl , is the co-founder and ex-CTO of Tuenti, a Madrid-based invitation-only private social networking website that has been referred to as the "Spanish Facebook" (other founders include: Zaryn Dentzel, Kenny Bentley, Adeyemi Ajao, and Felix Ruiz Hernandez).

  • Paul de Man

    Paul de Man (December 6, 1919 – December 21, 1983), born Paul Adolph Michel Deman, was a Belgian -born literary critic and literary theorist. At the time of his death, de Man was one of the most prominent literary critics in the United States—known particularly for his importation of German and French philosophical approaches into Anglo-American literary studies and critical theory. Along with Jacques Derrida, he was part of an influential critical movement that went beyond traditional interpretation of literary texts to reflect on the epistemological difficulties inherent in any textual, literary, or critical activity. This approach aroused considerable opposition, which de Man attributed to "resistance" inherent in the difficult enterprise of literary interpretation itself.

  • Paul de Vivie

    Paul de Vivie

    Paul de Vivie, who wrote as Vélocio (April 29, 1853 – February 27, 1930), was publisher of Le Cycliste, a developer and early champion of derailleur gears, and father of French bicycle touring and randonneuring.

  • Hendrick de Keyser

    Hendrick de Keyser

    Hendrick de Keyser (15 May 1565 – 15 May 1621) was a Dutch sculptor and architect born in Utrecht, Netherlands, who was instrumental in establishing a late Renaissance form of Mannerism in Amsterdam. He was the father of Thomas de Keyser who was an architect and portrait painter.

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