• Paul Verhoeven

    Paul Verhoeven

    Paul Verhoeven (Dutch: [ˈpʌu̯l vərˈɦuvə(n)]; born 18 July 1938) is a Dutch director, screenwriter and film producer. Active in both the Netherlands and Hollywood, Verhoeven's blending of graphic violence and sexual content with social satire are trademarks of both his drama and science fiction films. He directed the films Turkish Delight (1973), Soldier of Orange (1977), [LINK|lang_en|Flesh_and_Blood_(1985_film)|Flesh and Blood ], RoboCop (1987), Total Recall (1990), Basic Instinct (1992), Showgirls (1995), Starship Troopers (1997), Black Book (2006) and Elle (2016).

  • Paul Verhoeven (disambiguation)

    Paul Verhoeven (born 1938) is a Dutch film director.

  • Paul Verhoeven (Germany)

  • Paul Verhoeven (German film director)

  • Paul Verhoeven (broadcaster)

    Paul Francis Verhoeven (born 15 January 1983) is an Australian broadcaster, writer, blogger and comedian, and the host of Steam Punks on ABC3. He grew up on Sydney's northern beaches, and moved to Melbourne after completing a Bachelor of Film Studies at the University of New South Wales.

  • Paul Verhoeven (German director)

    Paul Verhoeven (23 June 1901 – 22 March 1975) was a German actor as well as a film and theatre director.

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