• Patrick Dalzel-Job

    Patrick Dalzel-Job (1 June 1913 – 14 October 2003), was a British naval intelligence officer and commando in World War II. He was also an accomplished linguist, author, mariner, navigator, parachutist, diver, and skier.

  • Patrick Deuel

    Patrick Darren Deuel (March 28, 1962 – April 29, 2016) was an American individual known for being one of the heaviest people in the world. He was the subject of the documentary "Half Ton Man" in Channel Four's BodyShock series. In the documentary, Rosalie Bradford gave advice after achieving a record-breaking weight loss of 349 kg (769 lb).

  • Patrick Meagher

    Patrick "Wedger" Meagher (1890-1958) was an Irish hurler who played as a corner-back for the Tipperary senior team.

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