• Paola Suárez

    Paola Suárez

    Paola Suárez (American Spanish: [paˈola ˈswaɾes]; born 23 June 1976) is a retired tennis player from Argentina. She was one of the most prominent women's doubles players throughout the early and mid-2000s, winning eight Grand Slam titles, all of them with Virginia Ruano Pascual, and holding the No. 1 doubles ranking for 87 non-consecutive weeks. She was also a singles semifinalist at the 2004 French Open.

  • Claudia Paola Suárez Fernández

  • Paula Suarez

    Paula Suarez (born November 21, 1994) is a model.

  • Paola

    Paola is a female given, the Italian form of the name Paula. Notable people with the name include:

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