• Forward (association football)

    . Modern team formations generally include one to three forwards; for example, the common 4–2–3–1

  • PlayStation 4

    The PlayStation 4 (officially abbreviated as PS4) is an eighth-generation home video game console

  • Florida

    . Florida is the 22nd-most extensive (65,755 sq mi or 170,300 km2), the 3rd-most populous (21,477,737

  • Kentucky

    Kentucky (UK: ken-TUK-ee, US: () kən-), officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state

  • Shooting guard

    ; these players are known colloquially as combo guards. A player who can switch between playing

  • Nintendo Switch

    , as well as local wireless ad hoc connectivity with other consoles. Nintendo Switch games and software are

  • Rock music

    . Usually, rock is song-based music with a 4/4 time signature using a verse–chorus form, but the genr

  • Xbox One

    mainly competes against Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U and Switch.

  • Screenwriter

    practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which mass media, such as films, television programs and video games, are based.

  • Action game

    coordination and reaction-time. The genre includes a large variety of sub-genres, such as fighting games

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