• Pablo Antonio

    Pablo Antonio

    Pablo Sebero Antonio, Sr. (January 25, 1901 – June 14, 1975) was a Filipino architect. A pioneer of modern Philippine architecture, he was recognized in some quarters as the foremost Filipino modernist architect of his time. The rank and title of National Artist of the Philippines was conferred on him by President Ferdinand Marcos in 1976.

  • Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino

    The 2016 Kansas–Missouri murder spree was a March 2016 American mass shooting in which four men were shot in a killing spree in Kansas and another was shot, shortly afterward, in Missouri.

  • Pablo Antonio Cuadra Nicaraguan Center for Artistic Education

  • Pablo Antonio Cuadra

    Pablo Antonio Cuadra

    Pablo Antonio Cuadra (November 4, 1912 – January 2, 2002) was a Nicaraguan essayist, art and literary critic, playwright, graphic artist and one of the most famous poets of Nicaragua.

  • Pablo Antonio Gabas

    Pablo Antonio Gabas

    Pablo Antonio Gabas (born 21 April 1982) is an Argentine-Costa Rican football player who last played for Alajuelense in Primera División.

  • Pablo Antonio Villanueva Ramírez

    Pablo Antonio Villanueva Ramírez

    Pablo Antonio Villanueva Ramírez (born 29 June 1957) is a Mexican politician affiliated with the National Action Party. As of 2014 he served as Deputy of the LIX Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Michoacán.

  • Pablo Antonio Vega Mantilla

    Pablo Antonio Vega Mantilla (August 17, 1919, Nagarote, León Department – November 14, 2007) was the Roman Catholic Bishop of Juigalpa, Nicaragua, from April 30, 1991 until October 29, 1993. He then served as the Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Juigalpa until his death on November 14, 2007.

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