• Paavo Haavikko

    Paavo Haavikko

    Paavo Juhani Haavikko (January 25, 1931 in Helsinki – October 6, 2008) was a Finnish poet, playwright, essayist and publisher, considered one of the country's most outstanding writers. He published more than 70 works, and his poems have been translated to 12 languages.

  • Paavo

    Paavo is an Estonian and Finnish masculine given name, cognate to "Paul". The patronymic surname Paavolainen is derived from it.

  • Paavo Heinonen

    Paavo Heinonen (born 30 May 1944) is a Finnish former footballer and one of Finland's most experienced players.

  • Paavo Johansson

    Paavo ("Pekka") Johansson (later Jaale) (October 21, 1895 in Helsinki – December 5, 1983) was a Finnish athlete who competed mainly in the javelin throw.

  • Paavo Nurmi Stadium

    Paavo Nurmi Stadium

    Paavo Nurmi Stadium (Finnish: Paavo Nurmen stadion, Swedish: Paavo Nurmis stadion) is a multi-use stadium in Turku, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and athletics meets. It holds 13,000 people and is named after the Turku-born runner Paavo Nurmi. Twenty athletics world records have been set at the stadium. John Landy broke the world records for the 1,500 m and the mile (1954), Nurmi for the 3,000 m (1922), Emil Zátopek (1950) and Ron Clarke (1965) for the 10,000 m, Viljo Heino for the one-hour run (1945) and the 20 km (1949), Matti Järvinen for the javelin throw (1932) and Charles Hoff for the pole vault (1925).

  • Paavo Mustonen

    Paavo Mustonen (born 13 January 1986) in the Cook Islands is a footballer who plays as a Defender. He currently plays for Tupapa Maraerenga in the Cook Islands Round Cup and the Cook Islands national football team.

  • Paavo Kuusinen

    Paavo Kuusinen (2 December 1914 – 31 October 1979) was a Finnish cyclist. He competed in the team pursuit event at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

  • Paavo Mikkonen

    Paavo Mikkonen (born 25 January 1942) is a Finnish former sports shooter. He competed in the 50 metre running target event at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

  • Paavo Nurmi Games

    Paavo Nurmi Games

    The Paavo Nurmi Games is an annual track and field meet that takes place at Paavo Nurmi Stadium in Turku, Finland. It was first held in 1957. The competition has been part of the IAAF World Challenge since 2017.

  • Paavo Rantanen

    Paavo Rantanen

    Paavo Rantanen (born 28 February 1934) is a Finnish former Foreign Ministry official, who was briefly the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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