• Carl Otto Nordensvan

    Carl Otto Nordensvan

    Carl Otto Nordensvan (7 April 1851 – 30 March 1924) was a Swedish general and military writer. He published 24 books dealing with aspects of Swedish military history and related topics. He additionally wrote many articles for the specialist periodical Krigsvetenskapsakademins tidskrift and the general periodical Nordisk familjebok , and was joint editor of Svensk militär tidskrift.

  • Carl Otto Reventlow

    Carl Otto Reventlow (actually Karl [Carl] Christian Otto; born 1817 in Store Heddinge (Denmark); died in 1873) became notable as the developer of a mnemonic system. He took the nom de plume Reventlow to distinguish himself from journalists with the same family name. There is, despite a personal acquaintance to some members to the Reventlow family of old Holstein -Mecklenburg nobility through his studies at university of Kiel, no family relation.

  • Carl Otto Czeschka

    Carl Otto Czeschka (22 October 1878, Vienna – 30 July, 1960, Hamburg ) was an Austrian painter and graphic designer associated with the Wiener Werkstätte.

  • Carl Otto Svae

    Carl Otto Svae (4 April 1918 – 30 June 1977) was a Norwegian sailor born in Kristiania. He competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, coming fourth in the Dragon class, together with Øivind Christensen and Arild Amundsen.

  • Carl Otto Løvenskiold (born 1953)

    Carl Otto Løvenskiold (born 1953)

    Carl Otto Løvenskiold (born 18 October 1953) is a Norwegian landowner and businessperson.

  • Alexander Carl Otto Westphal

    Alexander Carl Otto Westphal (18 May 1863, Berlin – 9 January 1941, Bonn ) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist. He was the son of the psychiatrist Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal (1833–1890) and Clara Mendelssohn and the grandson of Otto Carl Friedrich Westphal.

  • Carl Otto Lenz

    Carl Otto Lenz (born 5 June 1930 in Berlin) is a German lawyer, member of the German Bundestag (1965–1984) for the CDU and Advocate General at the European Court of Justice (1984–1997).

  • Carl Otto Bartning

    Carl Otto Bartning (2 September 1909 – 11 November 1983) was a German film editor. He edited the 1959 film The Bridge .

  • Carl Otto Løvenskiold

    Carl Otto Løvenskiold

    Carl Otto Løvenskiold (23 December 1839 – 1 October 1916) was a Norwegian naval officer, business executive and land owner. He served as Prime Minister in Stockholm during 1884.

  • Carl Otto von Eicken

    Carl Otto von Eicken (31 December 1873, in Mülheim an der Ruhr – 29 June 1960, in Heilbronn) was a German otorhinolaryngologist.

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