• Omar Pasha

    Omar Pasha

    Omar Pasha, also known as Omar Pasha Latas (Turkish: Ömer Paşa, Serbian: Омер-паша Латас/Omer-paša Latas; 1806–1871) was an Ottoman field marshal and governor. He was born in Austrian territory, to Serbian Orthodox Christian parents, and was initially an Austrian soldier. When faced with charges of embezzlement, he fled to Ottoman Bosnia and converted to Islam, and then joined the Ottoman army where he quickly climbed in ranks. Latas crushed several rebellions throughout the Empire, and was a commander in the Crimean War, where he won some outstanding victories at Silistra and Eupatoria and participated in the siege of Sevastopol.

  • Omar Pasha Vrioni II

    Omar Pasha Vrioni II

    Omer Pasha Vrioni II (1839–1928), also referred as Omer or Omar, was an Albanian ruler from one of the most powerful Albanian families of the 19th century.

  • Omar Pashayev

    Omar Pashayev

    Omar Pashayev (Azerbaijani: Ömər Paşayev; born on 28 March 1988 ) is an Azerbaijani football referee.

  • Omar

    Omar (also spelled Omer or Umar) is a given name of Arabic origin that may refer to:

  • Omar D'Leon

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