• Odysseas Elytis

    Odysseas Elytis

    Odysseus Elytis (/ɪˈlɪtɪs/; Greek: Οδυσσέας Ελύτης [oðiˈseas eˈlitis ], pen name of Odysseus Alepoudellis, Greek: Οδυσσέας Αλεπουδέλλης; 2 November 1911 – 18 March 1996) was regarded as a major exponent of romantic modernism in Greece and the world. In 1979 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  • Odysseas Elytis Theatre

    Odysseas Elytis Theatre

    The Odysseas Elytis Theater in Ios, Greece is an open-air theater of the ancient Greek style designed by the architect Peter Haupt, who, apart from a professor of architecture at the University of Berlin, was a friend of Ios and an honorared citizen.

  • Odysseas Spyrides

    Odysseas Spyrides

    Odysseas Spyrides (born 17 January 2001 in England) is a professional footballer and a national of England.

  • Odysseas Papadimitriou

  • Odysseas Vlachodimos

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