• Nikola Petkov

    Nikola Petkov

    Nikola Dimitrov Petkov (Bulgarian: Никола Димитров Петков; July 8, 1893 – September 23, 1947) was a Bulgarian politician, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (usually abbreviated as BZNS). He entered politics in the early 1930s. Like many other peasant party leaders in Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria in 1945–1947, Petkov was tried and executed soon after postwar Soviet control was established in his country. He was a son of the politician Dimitar Petkov. His brother Petko Petkov was shot dead by an unknown assassin in 1924. Nikola Petkov was among the founders of the Fatherland Front (FF) in 1943 and participated in the establishment of the new government before becoming its target.

  • Nikola Petrov

    Nikola Petrov may refer to:

  • Nikola Petković

    Nikola Petković (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Петковић, pronounced [nǐkola pêtkoʋitɕ ]; born 28 March 1986) is a Serbian footballer. Who currently plays for China League One side Sichuan Longfor.

  • Nikola Petković (footballer, born 1997)

    Nikola Petković (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Петковић; born 14 October 1997) is a Serbian football midfielder who plays for Radnički Niš.

  • Nikola Petrov (painter)

    Nikola Petrov (painter)

    Nikola Petrov (Bulgarian: Никола Петров; 19 August 1881, Vidin - 10 December 1916, Sofia) was a Bulgarian landscape painter and graphic artist; also known for his portrait sketches and watercolors.

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  • Nikola Petrov (terrorist)

  • Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union "Nikola Petkov"

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