• Nicolaus von Amsdorf

    Nicolaus von Amsdorf (German: Nikolaus von Amsdorf, 3 December 1483 – 14 May 1565) was a German Lutheran theologian and an early Protestant reformer. As bishop of Naumburg (1542–1546), he became the first Lutheran bishop in the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Nicolaus von Below

    Nicolaus von Below

    Nicolaus von Below (20 September 1907 – 24 July 1983) was an officer in the German Luftwaffe and an adjutant to Adolf Hitler.

  • Nicolaus von Weis

    Nicolaus von Weis (b. Rimling, Moselle, France, 8 March 1796 - d. Speyer, 13 December 1869) was from 1842 to 1869 Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Speyer, in the Palatinate, (in that time a district of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

  • Christian Nicolaus von Linger

    Christian Nicolaus von Linger

    Christian Nicolaus von Linger, (5 April 1669 in Berlin, died 17 April 1755), was a Prussian general. He was chief of the Prussian artillery from 1716. In his 67-year military career, he served three monarchs in six wars, and founded the Prussian artillery arm of the military. He was appointed the first general of artillery by King Frederick II in 1744.

  • Below, Nicolaus von

  • Nicolaus von Braun

    Nicolaus von Braun (circa 1640 – 1718) was the regimental quartermaster at the Garrison Regiment in Malmö, Sweden.

  • Nicolaus von Schönberg

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