• Niclas Sahlgren

    Niclas Sahlgren (in full Nicolaus Sahlgren) (18 March 1701 – 10 March 1776), was a Swedish merchant and philanthropist.

  • Niclas Wahlgren

    Melodifestivalen 2006 was the selection for the 46th song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 45th time that this system of picking a song had been used. Five semifinals had taken place to select the ten songs for the final, in Leksand, Karlstad, Karlskrona, Gothenburg and a Second Chance round in Stockholm. The final was broadcast on SVT1 and Sveriges Radio's P4 network. Carola Häggkvist was the clear favourite to win the final, with bookmakers making her the favourite and an Aftonbladet web poll showing her to have a clear margin over the other participants. The rehearsals sold out for the fourth year running; however, Carola was unable to perform in the final rehearsal due to throat problems. This led to speculation that the final would be closer than expected. Aftonbladet claimed in April 2006 that the televote may have been tampered with, as various sources reported unexplained voting (predominantly for Carola) on their telephone bills. It is clear that this would not have affected the result. Various finalists and semifinalists entered the Swedish Hitlistan chart after the competition. The second placed song, "Temple of Love", finished fourth in the Eurovision Madrid National Finals Song Contest.

  • Niclas

    Niclas may refer to:Abraham Niclas Edelcrantz (1754–1821), Finnish born Swedish poet and inventorJacob Niclas Ahlström (1805–1857), Swedish Kapellmeister and composerJohan Niclas Byström (1783–1848), Swedish sculptorNiclas Alexandersson (born 1971), retired Swedish football midfielderNiclas Andersén (born 1988), Swedish ice hockey playerNiclas Bendixen, Danish actor, dancer and choreographerNiclas Edman (born 1991), Swedish ice hockey playerNiclas Fasth

  • Niclas Walz

    Niclas Walz

    Niclas Walz (born January 31, 2003) is a YouTube star.

  • Niclas Mouritzen

    Niclas Mouritzen (born October 7, 2004) is a eSports Player.

  • Abraham Niclas Edelcrantz

    Abraham Niclas (Clewberg) Edelcrantz (28 July 1754 in Turku – 15 March 1821 in Stockholm ) was a Finnish born Swedish poet and inventor. He was a member of the Swedish Academy, chair 2, from 1786 to 1821.

  • Niclas Bendixen

    Niclas Bendixen (born 8 April 1972) is a Danish director. He won the Reumert prize for the production of the play 69, and the musical En kort en lang. His first television series just aired on Danish national television DR1, the show is called Ditte & Louise which he directed all 8 episodes of the first season. At the moment his prize-winning show En Kort En Lang is running at Nørrebro theatre.

  • Niclas Castello

    Niclas Castello

    Niclas Castello (born 1978 in Neuhaus am Rennweg ) is a German contemporary artist influenced by pop art, neo-expressionism and street art. He is well known for sculptures like The Kiss, but also does paintings. Niclas Castello is listed as one of the world's most searched artists on artnet.

  • Niclas Gulbrandsen

    Niclas Gulbrandsen (15 March 1930 – 19 July 2013) was a Norwegian printmaker.

  • Niclas Adler

    Bo Niclas Adler (born April 30, 1971) is a Swedish entrepreneur, management researcher, Chairman for NGT Partners and Chairman for Accelerated Innovation Group. As an entrepreneur he has built several biopharma and medical technology companies as well as both VC and PE funds dedicated to life-sciences. As a management researcher he is known for his work on "Managing complex product development" and on "Collaborative research in organizations."

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