• Nicholas II of Niemodlin

    Nicholas II of Niemodlin (Polish: Mikołaj II Niemodliński; c. 1462 – 27 June 1497), was a Duke of Opole -Brzeg -Strzelce -Niemodlin in 1476 (as co-ruler of his father) and sole Duke of Niemodlin from 1476 until his death.

  • Patriarch Nicholas II of Alexandria

    Nicholas II was Greek Patriarch of Alexandria (1263–76). Before his ordination, he had been the Ambassador of the Sultan of Egypt in Constantinople.

  • Lev Tolstoy and the Russia of Nicholas II

    Lev Tolstoy and the Russia of Nicholas II (Russian: Россия Николая Второго и Лев Толстой, romanized: Rossiya Nikolaya II i Lev Tolstoy) is a 1928 Soviet silent documentary film directed by Esfir Shub. The film is considered lost.

  • Nicholas II Devereux of Chanston

    Nicholas Devereux II of Chanston (Vowchurch) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman living during the reigns of Henry III of England. The Devereux were a prominent knightly family along the Welsh Marches during the thirteenth century, and Nicholas would play an integral role in attempts to control the Welsh Marches during the thirteenth century.

  • Nicholas II of Transylvania

    Nicholas II (died after 1213; Hungarian: Miklós) was a Hungarian distinguished nobleman, who served as voivode of Transylvania in 1213, during the reign of Andrew II of Hungary.

  • Nicholas II, Duke of Lorraine

  • Nicholas II, Duke of Troppau

  • Emperor Nicholas II Land

    Emperor Nicholas II Land

    Severnaya Zemlya (Russian: Северная Земля (Northern Land), pronounced [ˈsʲevʲɪrnəjə zʲɪmˈlʲa]) is a 37,000-square-kilometre (14,000-square-mile) archipelago in the Russian high Arctic. It lies off Siberia's Taymyr Peninsula, separated from the mainland by the Vilkitsky Strait. This archipelago separates two marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean, the Kara Sea in the west and the Laptev Sea in the east.

  • Coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna

    The coronation of Emperor Nicholas II and his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna was the last coronation during the Russian Empire. It took place on Tuesday, 14 May (O.S., 26 May N.S.) 1896, in Dormition Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. Nicholas II, known in Russian as Nikolai II Aleksandrovich, was the last emperor of Russia.

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