• Cease Fire!

  • Cease Fire (1953 film)

    Cease Fire (1953 film)

    Cease Fire! is a 1953 war movie directed by Owen Crump. The film featured real ammunition and real soldiers that were filmed on location in Korea, and was the first 3D war movie filmed in an actual theatre of operations.

  • Cease Fire (1985 film)

    Cease Fire (1985 film)

    Cease Fire is a 1985 American drama film directed by David Nutter and starring Don Johnson and Lisa Blount.

  • Cease Fire (2006 film)

    Cease Fire (in Persian:آتش‌بس Atashbas) is a 2006 Iranian film written and directed by Tahmineh Milani, starring Mohammad Reza Golzar, Mahnaz Afshar, and Atila Pesyani. The movie shows a young couple who are seeking divorce, but end up realizing that they just need to face their Inner child to overcome their difficulties.

  • Cease Fire (Star Trek: Enterprise)

    "Cease Fire" is the forty-first episode (production #215) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise , the fifteenth of the second season.

  • Cease Fire (Enterprise)

  • Cease Fire (Enterprise episode)

  • Cease Fire (ENT episode)

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