• Myles Goodwyn

    Myles Goodwyn

    Myles Francis Goodwyn (born Miles Francis Goodwin, (1948-06-23)June 23, 1948) is a Canadian record producer, guitarist, lead vocalist, main songwriter, and founding member of the veteran Canadian hard rock band April Wine. As the longest serving (and only original) member, Goodwyn has led the band from its modest garage band roots to multi-platinum sales.

  • Myles Goodwyn (album)

    Myles Goodwyn (album)

    Myles Goodwyn is a 1988, self-titled solo album by Myles Goodwyn, the lead singer /songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and founding member of the Canadian rock group April Wine. Two alternate versions of this album exist, with a reissue having been released with different album cover art from that of the original. Other notable differences found on the reissued version include renaming the song "Sonya". This song which had appeared on the original release is now named "My Girl". Track listings appear in a slightly different order on the reissued version as well.

  • Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues

  • Myles

    In Greek mythology, Myles /ˈmaɪliːz/ (Greek: Μύλης) was an ancient king of Laconia. He was a son of the King Lelex and Queen Cleocharia and brother to Polycaon, and was the father of Eurotas who fathered Sparta after whom the city of Sparta was named. After his father died, Myles ruled over Laconia. Following his own death, his son Eurotas succeeded him.

  • Myles Jones

    Myles Jones

    Myles Jones is an American football player from Magnolia, Texas who plays as a cornerback for the Texas A&M Aggies football team.

  • Myles Mason

    Myles Mason

    Myles Mason is an American football player from Trussville, Alabama who plays as a safety for the Arkansas Razorbacks Football team.

  • Myles Shear

    Myles Shear (born February 1, 1992) is a business executive.

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