• Mustafa

    Mustafa (Arabic: مصطفى Muṣṭafā) is one of the names of Muhammad, and the name means "chosen, selected, appointed, preferred", used as an Arabic given name and surname. People with the name include:

  • Fahad Mustafa

    Fahad Mustafa

    Fahad Mustafa (Urdu: فہد مصطفیٰ‎, Sindhi: ؛فهد مصطفیٰ born 26 June 1983) is a Pakistani film and television actor, producer and host known for hosting the game show Jeeto Pakistan , which airs on ARY Digital.

  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Anahtar)

  • Mustafa Raza Khan Qadri

    Mustafa Raza Khan Qadri (1892–1981) was an Indian Muslim scholar and author, and leader of the Sunni Barelvi movement following the death of its founder, his father Ahmed Raza Khan. He was known as Mufti Azam-e-Hind Grand Mufti of India by his followers and was revered all over Indian subcontinent for his services to Islam.

  • List of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's awards

  • List of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's awards

  • Mustafa Badreddine

    Mustafa Badreddine (Arabic: مصطفى بدر الدين‎‎; 6 April 1961 – c. 13 May 2016), also known as Mustafa Badr Al Din, Mustafa Amine Badreddine, Mustafa Youssef Badreddine, Sami Issa, and Elias Fouad Saab, was a military leader of Hezbollah and both the cousin and brother-in-law of Imad Mughniyah. He was nicknamed "Dhu al-Fiqar " referring to the legendary sword of Imam Ali. Badreddine was killed by shelling at Damascus International Airport and Hezbollah announced the attack was launched by Takfiri groups. His death is seen as one of the biggest blows in the Hezbollah leadership.

  • Jamila Mustafa

    Jamila Mustafa (born January 13, 1993) is a journalist.

  • Lule Mustafa

    Lule Mustafa (born June 12, 1988) is a pop singer.

  • Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Dhiab

    Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Dhiab

    Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Diyab also known as Abu Wa'el Dhiab was born in Lebanon. He was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States' Guantanamo Bay detention camp, in Cuba until he was released to Uruguay. His Guantanamo Internment Serial Number was 722. Dhiab was one of the Guantanamo hunger strikers, and there were fears he would die in custody when his weight dropped to dangerously low levels.

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