• Mohammad Yusuf Khan

    Mohammad Yusef Khan, and other spellings, is the name of:

  • Mohammad Yusuf Khan (disambiguation)

  • Muhammad Yusuf Khan

  • Sardar Muhammad Yusuf Khan

    'Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Khan' S/O Sardar Hans Khan was a Kashmiri politician who served as the Minister of Education of Azad Kashmir in 1972 and as Minister of Development in 1974. After General Zia dissolved the AJK assembly he was elected as a state counselor. He was born in Poonch in 1939 and shifted to town of Bagh after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. He was an important member of Pakistan Peoples Party and established a strong education system in Azad Kashmir during his tenure as the Minister of Education. He earned his honours degree in political science from Gordon College, Rawalpindi and earned his Law degree from Dhaka, East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh).

  • Mohammad Yusuf (politician)

    Mohammad Yusuf Khan (1917 – January 23, 1998) was the prime minister and foreign minister of Afghanistan from March 10, 1963 to November 2, 1965. He was a technocrat who served under the reign of Mohammed Zahir Shah. He was the first Afghan prime minister not to be part of the royal family. He resigned on October 29, 1965.

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