• Misti Traya

    Misti Traya (born September 23, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii ) is an American actress. She landed her first prime time television series regular role playing 15-year-old Allison Reeves in The WB's comedy Living with Fran . She is the daughter of actress Kiersten Warren.

  • Misti


    Misti, also known as Putina or Guagua Putina is a stratovolcano of andesite, dacite and rhyolite located in southern Peru near the city of Arequipa. With its seasonally snow-capped, symmetrical cone, Misti stands at 5,822 metres (19,101 ft) above sea level and lies between mount Chachani (6,075 m or 19,931 ft) and Pichu Pichu volcano (5,669 m or 18,599 ft). Its last eruption was in 1985, 198 years after its previous documented eruption.

  • Misti Pavlov

    Pavlov Mstislav (Misti) Igorevich (Russian: Па'влов Мстисла'в И'горевич; born January 22, 1967) is an impressionist Russian artist who advanced not only the art of Russia but also other countries Western and Eastern countries.

  • Maach Misti & More

  • Misti (horse)

    Misti is a racing horse. She was sired by Medium with Mist as the dam.

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