• Miron Merzhanov

    Miron Ivanovich Merzhanov, born Meran Merzhanyantz (Russian: Мирон Иванович Мержанов, Меран Оганесович Мержанянц, September 23, 1895 – December 1975), was a Soviet architect of Armenian descent, notable for being the de facto personal architect of Joseph Stalin in 1933–1941. Arrested in 1942 on political charges, Merzhanov continued professional work as a sharashka architect, designing numerous public buildings in the Black Sea region, Krasnoyarsk and Komsomolsk-na-Amure.

  • Miron

    Miron or Mirón may refer to:

  • Bogdan Miron

    Bogdan Miron may refer to:

  • Ray Miron

    Joseph Rodolph "Ray" Miron (March 20, 1923 – August 28, 2015) was an owner of the new Central Hockey League (CHL), as well as a National Hockey League (NHL) executive, serving in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and as general manager of the NHL's Colorado Rockies. Miron co-founded the CHL with Bill Levins in 1992, under the concept of central ownership of all the teams. Miron had also previously coached in the "old" Central Hockey League, and he also was president of that league for three weeks, before leaving to accept the role of GM with the Rockies.

  • Miron v Trudel

    Miron v Trudel

    Miron v Trudel, 2 S.C.R. 418 is a famous Supreme Court of Canada decision on equality rights under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms where the Court found "marital status " was an analogous ground for discrimination (i.e., a characteristic which cannot legally be the basis for discrimination under section 15). The Court held that an insurance benefit provided only to married couples discriminated against common-law couples.

  • Ami Miron

    Ami Miron

    Ami Miron is an American Israeli entrepreneur and technology developer specializing in consumer electronics, the Internet, and television. He developed and patented the first commercially successful Picture In Picture (PIP) for Philips Electronics. Miron also worked to solve the problem of ghost images on television and led the development of the first high-definition television (HDTV) system in the U.S. He received two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for these last two innovations.

  • Miron (name)

    Miron may refer to:

  • Miron Bleiberg

    Miron Bleiberg

    Miron Bleiberg (Hebrew: מירון בלייברג‎) is an Israeli-Australian football (soccer) manager.

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