• Miloš Obrenović

    Miloš Obrenović

    Miloš Obrenović (Serbian Cyrillic: Милош Обреновић; pronounced [mîloʃ obrěːnoʋit͡ɕ ]; 18 March 1780 – 26 September 1860) born Miloš Teodorović (Serbian Cyrillic: Милош Теодоровић; pronounced [mîloʃ teodǒːroʋit͡ɕ ]) was Prince of Serbia from 1815 to 1839, and again from 1858 to 1860. He participated in the First Serbian uprising, led Serbs in the Second Serbian uprising, and founded the House of Obrenović. Under his rule, Serbia became an autonomous principality within the Ottoman Empire. Prince Miloš ruled autocratically, permanently refusing to share power. During his rule, he was the richest man in Serbia and one of the richest in the Balkans.

  • Milos Obrenovic I, Prince of Serbia

  • Miloš Obrenović I

  • Milos Obrenovic's House

  • Miloš Obrenović's House

    Miloš Obrenović's House

    Milošev Konak (Serbian: Кућа Милоша Обреновића) is the residence of Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović, which is located in Gornja Crnuća in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, and is one of the Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance for Serbia, added in 2000. Gornje Crnuće can be considered first, but the temporary capital of Serbia since the prince Miloš Obrenović ruled Serbia for two years from that house. This house is of extreme importance because in it decision was made on raising the Second Serbian Uprising. Permanent exhibition in the house contains copies of documents, photographs and reproductions of several original artifacts related to the insurrectionist period. One of the dormitory has preserved the authentic atmosphere, a fireplace with a part of furniture and built in cocklestove furnace.

  • Miloš Obradović

    Miloš Obradović (Serbian Cyrillic: Mилoш Oбpaдoвић; born 30 March 1987) is a Serbian footballer, who plays for Rad.

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