• Mike Frederick

    Thomas Michael Frederick (born August 6, 1972) is a former American football defensive end. He played college football at Virginia. He was drafted in the 3rd round (94th overall) of the 1995 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns.

  • Cecil Frederick Pike

    Cecil Frederick Pike (26 February 1898 – 12 May 1968) was a British politician.

  • Frederick A. Pike

    Frederick A. Pike

    Frederick Augustus Pike (December 9, 1816 – December 2, 1886) was a U.S. Representative from Maine.

  • MIKE

    MIKE is a character in the TV series Twin Peaks, portrayed by Al Strobel.

  • Mi-Ke

    Mi-Ke were a 1990s J-Pop idol group and chorus group for B.B.Queens under Being Inc. recording agency.

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