• Michael Arlen

    Michael Arlen

    Michael Arlen (16 November 1895 in Ruse, Bulgaria – 23 June 1956 in New York City ), born Dikran Kouyoumdjian (Armenian: Տիգրան Գույումճյան), was a British essayist, short story writer, novelist, playwright, and scriptwriter of Armenian origin, who had his greatest successes in the 1920s while living and writing in England. Arlen is most famous for his satirical romances set in English smart society, but he also wrote gothic horror and psychological thrillers, for instance "The Gentleman from America", which was filmed in 1956 as a television episode for Alfred Hitchcock's TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents . Near the end of his life, Arlen mainly occupied himself with political writing. Arlen's vivid but colloquial style "with unusual inversions and inflections with a heightened exotic pitch" came to be known as 'Arlenesque'.

  • Michael J. Arlen

    Michael John Arlen (born December 9, 1930, London, England) is an American writer, primarily of non-fiction and personal history, as well as longtime staff writer and television critic for The New Yorker .

  • Dikran Kelekian

    Dikran Kelekian

    Dikran Kelekian (December 27, 1867 – January 1951), was a notable collector and dealer of Islamic art. The son of an Armenian banker from Kayseri, Dikran Kelekian and his brother Kevork set themselves up in the antiquities business in Istanbul in 1892. The next year, Dikiran came to the United States as a commissioner for the Persian Paviliaon at the World's Columbia Exposition in Chicago. He soon established shops in New York, Paris, London, and Cairo, where he and his brother flourished as vendors selling works of art and antiquities.

  • Dikran Tulaine

    Dikran Tulaine (born 23 June 1956) is an English-Armenian actor, storyteller and playwright, best known for appearances on television, such as the recurring guest role of Max on the NBC series The Blacklist (2013–15), and in the films G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013), Black Knight (2001) and Seeking Justice (2011).

  • Dikran Tahta

    Dikran Tahta

    Dikran Tahta (Armenian: Դիքրան (Տիգրան) Թահթա, 7 August 1928 – 2 December 2006) was a British -Armenian mathematician, teacher and author. He was also the maths teacher of Stephen Hawking.

  • Ditran


    Ditran (JB-329) is an anticholinergic drug mixture, related to the chemical warfare agent 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate (QNB).

  • Dizran

    Dizran (Persian: ديزران‎, also Romanized as Dīzrān; also known as Deh Zarūn, Dīzān, and Dizroon) is a village in Kahduiyeh Rural District, Nir District, Taft County, Yazd Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 264, in 73 families.

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