• Messalina


    Valeria Messalina ([waˈɫɛrja mɛssaːˈliːna ], sometimes spelled Messallina; c. 17/20–48), was the third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius. She was a paternal cousin of Emperor Nero, a second cousin of Emperor Caligula, and a great-grandniece of Emperor Augustus. A powerful and influential woman with a reputation for promiscuity, she allegedly conspired against her husband and was executed on the discovery of the plot. Her notorious reputation arguably results from political bias, but works of art and literature have perpetuated it into modern times.

  • 545 Messalina

    Messalina (minor planet designation: 545 Messalina) is a minor planet orbiting the Sun. It was discovered on 3 October 1904 by Paul Götz (provisional name 1904 OY), at Heidelberg. It is named after Valeria Messalina, the third wife of Roman Emperor Claudius.

  • Messalina, Messalina

    Messalina, Messalina

    Messalina, Messalina!, also known as Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina, is a 1977 Italian spoof film.

  • Dichelopa messalina

    Dichelopa messalina is a species of moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found on Rapa Iti in the South Pacific Ocean. It is characterized by splotchy-brown coloration and a wing profile that resembles foliage in the local region.

  • Messalina Venere imperatrice

  • Messalina, venere imperatrice

  • Messalina (film)

  • Messalina Valeria

  • Empress Messalina

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