• Matthew Adams

    Matthew Adams (died 1753) was a distinguished writer in Boston, Massachusetts, though a mechanic, or "tradesman," yet had a handsome collection of books and cultivated literature. Benjamin Franklin acknowledges his obligations for access to his library. He was one of the writers of the Essays in the New England Journal. He died poor, but with a reputation more durable than an estate, in 1753.

  • Matthew Adams

    Matthew Adams

    Matthew Adams is an American football player from Missouri City, Texas who plays as an outside linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts football team.

  • Matthew Adams (disambiguation)

    Matthew Adams (died 1973) was an American writer.

  • George Matthew Adams Service

  • George Matthew Adams

    George Matthew Adams (August 23, 1878 - October 29, 1962) was an American newspaper columnist and founder of the George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service, which syndicated comic strips and columns to newspapers for five decades. His own writings were circulated widely to The Gettysburg Times and many other newspapers.

  • Matthew Algernon Adams

    Matthew Algernon Adams

    Matthew Algernon Adams (9 August 1836 – 29 April 1913) was a British medical doctor. He was the President of the Society of Public Analysts in 1889 and 1890, and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry.

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