• Masao Ohba

    Masao Ohba

    Masao Ohba (大場 政夫, October 21, 1949 – January 25, 1973) was a professional boxer from Tokyo, Japan. He became the WBA flyweight champion on October 22, 1970, defeating the reigning champion Berkrerk Chartvanchai in Tokyo and retained the championship for an impressive five title defenses. He died in a car accident at 23, still holding his world title. He was trained by Isamu Kuwata.

  • Masao

    Masao (written: 正雄, 正夫, 正生, 正男, 正郎, 雅雄, 雅央, 雅夫, 雅勇, 雅男, 昌雄, 昌夫, 昌男, 昌朗, 昌郎, 昌大, 政雄, 政夫, 政男, 政於, 征夫, 優夫, 聖雄, 利生, 将雄, 将夫 or 眞男) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Masao Takada

    Masao Takada (高田 正夫, Takada Masao) was a Japanese football player. He played for Japan national team.

  • Masao Horino

    Masao Horino (堀野 正雄, Horino Masao, 1907–1998) was one of the most prominent Japanese photographers in the first half of the 20th century in Japan.

  • Amatsukaze Masao

    Amatsukaze Masao, born Masao Miyanaga (1 December 1937 – 30 April 2013), was a sumo wrestler from Monzen, Ishikawa, Japan. He made his professional debut in May 1955 and reached the top division in September 1962. His highest rank was maegashira 3. He left the sumo world upon retirement in May 1967.

  • Masao Kotani

    Masao Kotani

    Masao Kotani (小谷 正雄, Kotani Masao, January 14, 1906 – June 6, 1993) was a Japanese theoretical physicist, known for molecular physics and biophysics.

  • Masao Maeda

    Masao Maeda (前田 政雄, Maeda Masao, December, 1904 - March 27, 1974) was a woodblock print artist, born in Hakodate located on the island of Hokkaidō, Japan. The man who guided Masao Maeda's career was Hiratsuka Unichi. He first met him in 1923, and he later studied with him.

  • Masao Maruyama

    Masao Maruyama is the name of:

  • Masao Takahashi

    Masao Takahashi (born 1929) is a Canadian judoka, author, coach, and founder of the Takahashi School of Martial Arts (Est. 1969) in Ottawa, Ontario. He has been involved in judo for more than 70 years, and is currently ranked hachi-dan (eighth-degree black belt), making him one of the highest ranked judoka in Canada. In 2002 he was decorated by the Emperor of Japan with the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette, in recognition of his service to improving the status of Japanese Canadians through his lifelong commitment to the promotion and development of Judo in Canada. He was inducted into the Judo Canada Hall of Fame in 1998. In 2005 Takahashi co-authored a book, Mastering Judo, with his family.

  • Masao Ono

    Masao Ono (大埜 正雄, Ono Masao, March 2, 1923 – February 11, 2001) was a Japanese football player. He played for Japan national team.

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